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Blackpink The Album (Vinyl)

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Blackpink - The Album (Vinyl)

Blackpink's "The Album" on vinyl is a must-have for fans and collectors alike, especially with its limited pink colored LP pressing, which adds a unique and aesthetic touch. This album marks a significant moment in Blackpink's discography, featuring collaborations with renowned artists that showcase their global appeal and musical versatility.

Key Features of the Vinyl:

  • Limited Edition: The pink colored vinyl is a limited edition pressing, making it a valuable item for collectors and fans of Blackpink.

  • Collaborations: The album is notable for its high-profile features, including songs with Selena Gomez and Cardi B, adding to its appeal and showcasing Blackpink's crossover into global music markets.

  • Music and Sound Quality: Owning the album on vinyl not only provides a tactile piece of memorabilia but also offers a different auditory experience, with the warmth and richness that is characteristic of vinyl records.

This vinyl edition of "The Album" is not just a way to enjoy Blackpink's music; it's also a physical representation of the group's impact and evolution in the music industry. The inclusion of international artists like Selena Gomez and Cardi B speaks to Blackpink's worldwide influence and their ability to blend different genres and styles. For fans who appreciate the art of vinyl and the unique experience it brings, this limited pink colored pressing is an excellent addition to their music collection.

  • 1How You Like That

  • 2Ice Cream (With Selena Gomez)

  • 3Pretty Savage

  • 4Bet You Wanna (Feat. Cardi B)

  • 5Lovesick Girls

  • 6Crazy Over You

  • 7Love to Hate Me

  • 8You Never Know

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