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Bob Marley In Dub

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Experience the Timeless Dub Rhythms of Bob Marley - "In Dub"

Immerse yourself in the soul-stirring magic of Bob Marley - "In Dub," a captivating collection that brings a new dimension to the legendary artist's iconic songs. With each track beautifully transformed through the art of dub, Bob Marley's powerful messages and infectious rhythms take on a whole new level of depth and intrigue.

Kick off your journey with "Soul Rebel (Pistel Dub Remix)," where the essence of rebellion intertwines with the mesmerizing echoes of dub. Explore the profound themes of "Hypocrites (Dub)" and feel the pulsating rhythms of "Mr. Chatterbox (Dub)" as they transport you to the heart of Bob Marley's musical vision. Let "Satisfy My Soul Jah-Jah (Dub)" envelop you in its irie vibes and surrender to the mesmerizing groove of "Redder Than Red (Dub)."

Discover the captivating nuances of "Don't Rock My Boat (In Dub Remix)" and let it carry you away on a wave of sonic exploration. Feel the soulful energy of "Try Me (Dub)" and bask in the mellow atmosphere of "Mellow Mood (Dub)." Surrender to the spiritual essence of "Soul Almighty (Dub)" and let it resonate deep within your soul. Experience the rhythmic intoxication of "My Cup (Dub)" and witness the celestial beauty of "Put It On (Astralasia Dub)." Finally, express your gratitude with "Thank You Lord (Dub)" as the music uplifts your spirit.

At, we celebrate the eternal legacy of Bob Marley by offering "In Dub" as a testament to his profound musical genius. Each track on this mesmerizing collection has been carefully crafted to honor Bob Marley's spirit and capture the essence of his timeless reggae sound. Whether you choose to have it shipped across Ireland from or prefer to visit Zhivago Gifts in Galway for an in-store experience, we ensure that your journey with Bob Marley - "In Dub" will be an unforgettable one.

Order your copy of Bob Marley - "In Dub" today and let the transformative power of dub transport you to a world of musical bliss. Rediscover the magic of Bob Marley's songs as they are reinvented in the realm of dub, and let the rhythm guide your soul. Celebrate the indomitable spirit of one of reggae's greatest icons and experience the everlasting enchantment of "In Dub."

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