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Brendan Tallon Love In These Times

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Last year’s Indie chart-topping re-issue of Revelino’s acclaimed debut album was one of the good news pandemic stories for the Irish independent scene. Now, from something old and classic is born something new and vital from the wickedly talented pen of Revelino’s songwriter.

Love In These Times is the debut solo album from Brendan Tallon and though he may have been AWOL for a few years it is easy to see and hear on this extraordinary record that he has spent his time away from the limelight but not away from music. Life may have gotten in the way of making this record sooner but in that time he has amassed an entire treasure trove of brilliant ideas realised into fully-formed songs. It’s a debut full of optimism and cerebral exuberance, light and colour defiantly counter-pointing a world wrought with anxiety with bright, up-beat pop songs full of thoughtful empathy and hope, not to mention addictive hooks and joyous genre bending recklessness. Every song is crafted meticulously and lovingly with a depth and resonance that weaves a rich tapestry, distilling his passion for subtle and layered musical and lyrical textures.

It’s fair to say that Love In These Times displays a dedication to a wide vista of musical touchstones but goes way beyond that to create timeless tunes. These songs draw you intimately into Tallon's visions on love and justice, obliquely articulated, as melodies woo you into an uplifting aural seduction. Some may say Tallon’s life-affirming take on modern society is somewhat naive but anyone who has turned on the radio in the last few weeks to hear the poignant heart-swelling bliss of latest single ‘American Strings’ is receiving the hit of naivety we all need right now. It is no surprise it has been the number one most played song on RTE Radio 1 in May / June.

Love In These Times is dedicated to the memory of two great friends and fellow musicians, Gavin Ralston & Mark Levins. A timely reminder that ‘it’s a heart breaking sometimes that let’s love in’.

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