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Bruce Hornsby 'Flicted

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Introducing Bruce Hornsby's captivating album, "'Flicted." As the third installment in a trilogy of song collections based on film music written for Spike Lee, this record takes a new direction, exploring new stylistic territories and offering an overall more upbeat experience.

Bruce Hornsby's "'Flicted" delivers a refreshing mix of genres and influences. While the first ballad doesn't appear until track #7 with the poignant "Days Ahead," a duet featuring Danielle Haim, the album showcases a range of lyrical themes, including three Covid-related songs. The album opener, "Sidelines," a duet with Ezra Koenig of Vampire Weekend, and "Tag" provide insightful glimpses into the pandemic shut-down era. Furthermore, the album ventures into the world of science, with tracks like "Lidar" and "Point Omega" drawing inspiration from this intriguing realm.

"'Flicted" also features a notable addition to Bruce Hornsby's repertoire—a cover song. This album presents a total re-imagining of Chuck Berry's "Too Much Monkey Business," showcasing Hornsby's unique interpretation and musical prowess.

The album title, "'Flicted," encapsulates the strange and complex times in which we live. It serves as a reflection of the challenges and uncertainties that shape our world today.

Order your copy of Bruce Hornsby's "'Flicted" today and experience the captivating blend of genres, thought-provoking lyrics, and innovative re-imaginations. This album is a testament to Hornsby's versatility and creative spirit, and it is available for purchase at Don't miss the opportunity to own this extraordinary record that captures the essence of our 'flicted world and delivers a musical journey unlike any other.

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