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Camille O'Sullivan & Aidan Gillen In Dreams

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In the lead up to Rock Against Homelessness in the Olympia Theatre, O’Sullivan and Gillen have recorded a duet of Roy Orbison's operatic ‘In Dreams’.

Game of Thrones, The Wire and Peaky Blinders star Aidan Gillen said that they wanted to record the song to raise more funds for the homeless, stating that “everyone involved in the project feels strongly about wanting to help out.”

Camille O’Sullivan, headliner of the Rock Against Homelessness concert, said in a statement that she feels 'appalled and upset' at the situation of homeless people in Ireland. “You see someone sleeping in the street every few metres almost, in Dublin. It is heart-breaking, awful. I am now seeing children, and I am seeing women who are vulnerable. I am seeing people who need someone to talk to them. I'm thinking, 'When did we become so cold?' People are passing these people by like they do not exist. And when I hear of children not having a house, that kind of shocks me.

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