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Cannibal Corpse Chaos Horrific

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Death metal is a genre often shrouded in extremities, and Cannibal Corpse remains a testament to the relentless power and commitment the style demands. With "Chaos Horrific", they solidify their legendary status.

Legacy Continuation

For those who have followed Cannibal Corpse from their inception in 1988, their journey is one of consistent evolution without the loss of intensity. While "Violence Unimagined" was a benchmark in their illustrious career, "Chaos Horrific" is not a mere follow-up but a statement of their undying flame, burning brighter and fiercer.

A Reactionary Creation

The unprecedented times the world has found itself in during the pandemic has affected every industry, including the music world. Many bands would've taken a step back, but for Cannibal Corpse, the constraints birthed creativity. Written post "Violence Unimagined", the pandemic's restrictive nature lent them a peculiar drive, the urgency of which reflects in the tracks of "Chaos Horrific".

Stylistic Parallels

The band’s decision to delve into the writing sessions so shortly after the previous album's completion has given "Chaos Horrific" a sense of lineage. As Alex Webster puts it, this new offering feels like an extension, a sibling album. However, the individuality of the songs shines through. The essence of Cannibal Corpse's signature style is intact – raw, raging, and unapologetically brutal.

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