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Churches Screen Violence

Churches Screen Violence

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CHVRCHES have today announced their highly anticipated fourth studio album on Vinyl, Screen ViolenceThe band has also shared today the second single from the forthcoming record, titled ‘How Not To Drown’, featuring one of the trio’s ultimate heroes, Robert Smith. The Cure frontman’s signature voice melds perfectly with Mayberry’s, both supported by the dark, piano driven song that is based on the concept of staying conscious when you drown.

  • Disc 1
  • 1Asking for a Friend
  • 2He Said She Said
  • 3California
  • 4Violent Delights
  • 5How Not to Drown
  • 6Final Girl
  • 7Good Girls
  • 8Lullabies
  • 9Nightmares
  • 10Better If You Don't