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Enigma Love Sensuality Devotion Greatest Hits

Enigma Love Sensuality Devotion Greatest Hits

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Mystery is not only an accepted synonym for the term Enigma, it also describes best the music project, which was started by the musician, composer and producer Michael Cretu in 1990. The already iconic multi-instrumentalist has now been credited for more than 70 million global album sales, uncountable number one positions as well as more than 100 platinum awards. That's why Enigma is one of the most successful German acts to date. All of the eight studio albums of Enigma, originally released between 1990 and 2016, will now be re-released on black 180gm heavyweight vinyl. The compilation "Love Sensuality Devotion: The Greatest Hits", originally released in 2001, will also be made available again as standalone vinyl. 

  • Disc 1
  • 1The Landing
  • 2Turn Around
  • 3Gravity of Love
  • 4T.N.T. For the Brain
  • 5Modern Crusaders
  • 6Shadows in Silence
  • 7Return to Innocence
  • 8I Love You ... I'll Kill You
  • 9Principles of Lust
  • Disc 2
  • 1Sadeness
  • 2Silence Must Be Heard
  • 3Smell of Desire
  • 4Mea Culpa
  • 5Push the Limits
  • 6Beyond the Invisible
  • 7Age of Loneliness
  • 8Morphing Thru Time
  • 9The Cross of Changes