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Foy Vance Signs of Life

Foy Vance Signs of Life

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The album is the sound of a beloved singer-songwriter at the peak of his powers. It's also the sound of a man - a husband, a father, a sinner, a drinker - belatedly coming to terms with his demons. Driven by powerful percussion, 'Time Stand Still' features a soaring, emotive vocal from Foy Vance, who was struggling with an addiction to alcohol and painkillers at the time of writing.

  • Disc 1
  • 1Sapling
  • 2We Can't Be Tamed
  • 3Signs of Life
  • 4Roman Attack
  • 5People Are Pills
  • 6Time Stand Still
  • 7If Christopher Calls
  • 8System
  • 9Hair of the Dog
  • 10Resplendence
  • 11Republic of Eden
  • 12It Ain't Over
  • 13Percolate

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