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Joy Division Preston 80 Live

Joy Division Preston 80 Live

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Recorded just two and a half months before Ian Curtis took his own life, you won't be surprised to learn that the live set on this LP was performed in Preston on February 28, 1980. It was a set fraught with technical problems, the bass amp struggling in and out of the mix as mysterious squeaks and explosions clatter around the band's already minimal sound. "I think everything's falling apart" exclaims Curtis. "Everything's fucking bust so we're playing everything through the bass amp." "Anyone from Birmingham the coach is going in five minutes," pipes up another voice.

180g Heavyweight Vinyl.

A1 Incubation
A2 Wilderness
A3 Twenty Four Hours
A4 The Eternal
A5 Heart And Soul
B1 Shadowplay
B2 Transmission
B3 Disorder
B4 Warsaw
B5 Colony
B6 Interzone
B7 She's Lost Control