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Nell Young & Crazy Horse Barn

Nell Young & Crazy Horse Barn

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Neil Young & Crazy Horse have announced the release of a new album on Vinyl called ‘Barn’

Set to arrive on December 10th, the follow-up to 2019’s ‘Colorado’ comes after Young teased its arrival back in June, saying that “the Horse is back in the barn, shaking off the rust”.

“We are so happy to be back in the barn, a barn built to replicate the 1850s barn that had collapsed in exactly the same place, high in the mountains of Colorado,” Young said. He added that the personnel who have worked on the record include: Larry Cragg, Jeff Pinn, Bob Rice and Paul Davies.

Track Listing:

01 Song Of The Seasons

02 Heading West

03 Change Ain’t Never Gonna Come

04 Canerican

05 Shape Of You

06 They Might Be Lost

07 Today’s People

08 Tumblin’ Through The Years

09 Welcome Back

10 Don’t Forget Love

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