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Nine Inch Nails Watchmen Vol 3

Nine Inch Nails Watchmen Vol 3

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The long awaited release of the Manhattan Project Recordings, overseen by Atticus Rose and Peter Christopherson. Remastered. Watchmen - Nine Inch Nails


A1 Doomsday Prepper
A2 Clockmaker
A3 Splice Of Life
A4 The Waiting Sky
A5 Let Him Ride
B1 The Way It Used To Be
B2 The Elephant In The Room
B3 No Rhythm
B4 Worthy Of The Badge
B5 A Stronger, Loving World
B6 Nothing Ever Ends

Fictional track-list and credits, printed on rear cover:

A1 "Who Will Save Us Now?"
A2 "Just Do It"
A3 "The Actual Events"
A4 "The Way Out Is Through"
A5 "Message Never Sent"
B1 "Not God"
B2 "She Bleeds Through"
B3 "The Eater Of Dreams"
B4 "Tek Başina"
B5 "Last One Out Turn Off The Lights"