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No Doubt Rock Steady

No Doubt Rock Steady

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No Doubt continues its platinum success with ROCK STEADY on Vinyl, led by the undeniably adorable Gwen Stefani. Besides being a wonderfully charismatic front woman, Gwen's cute quotient is so high you can't help but like this band. While the group's last release, RETURN OF SATURN was more introspective and had a slightly more pop-oriented approach, STEADY returns the group to their roots sound of reggae and ska, while still mixing in a pop/rock feel. "Hey Baby", the first single, has an irresistible sing-along charm (including a rap by Bounty Killer) that makes it a natural for radio play. "Hella Good", possibly the album's standout track, is a funky, danceable tune reminiscent of peak-era Blondie. Gwen's sweet vocals shine through on the pretty "Running," and "Underneath It All" is a fantastic slow-tempo number that builds with a tight horn section.