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Phil Campbell and the B*stard Sons Kings Of The Asylum

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Get ready to unleash the rock 'n' roll fury with "Kings Of The Asylum," the explosive third album from the incomparable Phil Campbell and the B*stard Sons. Led by the legendary MOTÖRHEAD guitarist Phil Campbell and fueled by the raw talent of his sons and the dynamic vocals of Joel Peters, this album is a relentless journey into the heart of rock.

Side A kicks off with "Walking in Circles," a track that sets the tone for the unbridled energy that follows. From the powerful anthem "Too Much Is Never Enough" to the infectious grooves of "Hammer and Dance," each song invites you to rock out and sing along.

Side B continues the sonic assault with tracks like "Kings of the Asylum," a true rock 'n' roll anthem that demands attention. The band's signature sound shines through on "The Hunt" and "Show No Mercy," while "No Guts! No Glory!" and "Ghosts" deliver a relentless rhythm that will have you moving to the beat.

Closing the album is "Maniac," a fitting climax that leaves you craving more. This collection of 11 songs is tailor-made for the band's upcoming European Tour from September to November 2023, promising electrifying live performances that will leave audiences exhilarated.

Don't miss out on the sonic onslaught of "Kings Of The Asylum." Order your copy from and prepare to join the ranks of fans who will be rocking out to the powerful melodies, electrifying riffs, and unapologetic spirit of Phil Campbell and the B*stard Sons.

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