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Phil Coulter The Collection

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Indulge in the timeless melodies and captivating compositions of Phil Coulter with "The Collection." This extraordinary vinyl release brings together Phil Coulter's most beloved songs, showcasing his musical genius and the emotional depth of his creations.

Vinyl 1 opens with the enchanting rendition of "The Derry Air," followed by the heartfelt performance of "Spancil Hill" and the iconic "Fields Of Athenry." Let the beautiful melodies of "Gold & Silver Days" and "Flowers Of The Fairest" wash over you, while the poignant "Lament For The Wild Geese" tugs at your heartstrings. Experience the uplifting spirit of "Ireland's Call" as it fills the air.

On Side 2, be transported to a world of tranquility with the soothing melodies of "Tranquility" and the evocative "Mise Eire." Feel the emotional resonance of "Scorn Not His Simplicity" and be captivated by the melodic journey of "Flight Of Earls." The album culminates with the powerful and nostalgic "The Town I Love So Well."

Vinyl 2 continues the musical journey with the timeless melodies of "The Spinning Wheel" and the poignant reflection of "The Old Man." Experience the poetic beauty of "Raglan Road" and be swept away by the heartfelt rendition of "Ride On." Let the enchanting "Lagan Love" and the soulful "Thank God This Was My Life" touch your soul.

On Side 4, immerse yourself in the Celtic spirit with the haunting melodies of "Caledonia" and the heartfelt performance of "Steelaway." Feel the emotional depth of "Carrickfergus" and be moved by the introspective "Home From The Sea." The album concludes with the epic and atmospheric "Cal (Local Hero)."

Experience the magic of Phil Coulter's "The Collection" on vinyl. Available for shipping from, you can enjoy these beloved songs from the comfort of your own home. Alternatively, visit Zhivago Gifts in Galway to find it in-store and discover the vibrant atmosphere of a vinyl record shop.

Don't miss out on this opportunity to own a piece of Phil Coulter's musical legacy. "The Collection" is a testament to his remarkable talent as a composer and performer, and it's a must-have addition to any vinyl collection. Let the melodies and emotions of Phil Coulter's music transport you to a world of beauty, nostalgia, and Irish heritage.

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