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Problem Patterns Blouse Club

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Problem Patterns' "Blouse Club" - A Fierce Declaration in Punk Rock

Experience the Unbridled Energy of Queercore Quartet Problem Patterns

An Album that Echoes the Voice of Rebellion and Empowerment

Dive into the world of Problem Patterns with their latest album, "Blouse Club". This unfiltered, raw, and vitally important collection from the queercore quartet is more than just music; it's a powerful statement. The band's reconnection during a pandemic hiatus has fueled an album filled with rage, passion, and punk rock essence.

Dynamic Tracklist Reflecting Diverse Voices: "Blouse Club" is a manifestation of Problem Patterns' unique approach to music. With no front person and a rotating array of instruments and roles, each track represents the collective voice of the band, challenging norms and expressing their unapologetic identity.

Track Listings: Disc 1:

  1. Y.A.W
  2. Big Shouty
  3. Advertising Services
  4. A History of Bad Men Part II
  5. Lesbo 3000
  6. Pity Bra

Disc 2:

  1. Who Do We Not Save
  2. Poverty Tourist
  3. Letter of Resignation
  4. Picture of Health
  5. TERFs Out
  6. Domestic Bliss

A Testament to Queer Punk: Problem Patterns break the mold with their genre-defying sound. They've shared stages with influential acts like Queen Zee, JOHN, and Pink Suits and are set to tour with Bob Vylan. Their message resonates through every chord and lyric, advocating for inclusivity and challenging societal norms.

A Celebratory and Uplifting Live Experience: Beyond the album, Problem Patterns' live shows are a spectacle of fun and positive chaos. Being part of the supportive musical community in Belfast, including Gender Chores and Strange New Places, their performances are a testament to their ethos and energy.

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