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Ravi Shankar/ Andre Previn Concerto For Sitar and Orchestra

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Ravi Shankar & André Previn: A Fusion of Musical Brilliance

Experience the mesmerizing collaboration between two musical titans with "Concerto for Sitar and Orchestra." This landmark album marks Ravi Shankar's first concerto for sitar, commissioned by the prestigious London Symphony Orchestra in 1970. Recorded in 1971 as André Previn's inaugural project for EMI Classics (now Warner Classics), this masterpiece intertwines the rich tapestry of Indian classical music with the grandeur of a full Western orchestra.

A Harmonious Fusion of East and West

Transport yourself to the mesmerizing realms of musical innovation as Ravi Shankar's sitar weaves intricate melodies through the symphonic landscape crafted by André Previn and the London Symphony Orchestra. Premiered at London's Royal Festival Hall on 28 January 1971, this groundbreaking concerto spans four movements, each showcasing the virtuosity of Shankar's sitar while embracing the grand sweep of Western orchestration.

Bridging Cultures, Opening Minds

Ravi Shankar's unparalleled influence as an ambassador for Indian classical music shines through in every note of this transcendent concerto. With a career spanning decades, Shankar's pioneering efforts have introduced audiences worldwide to the beauty and intricacy of Indian musical traditions. From collaborations with iconic figures like George Harrison of the Beatles to jazz legend John Coltrane and composer Philip Glass, Shankar's impact on Western music is immeasurable.

An Enduring Legacy of Innovation

Born in Varanasi in 1920, Ravi Shankar's legacy as a performer, composer, teacher, and cultural ambassador continues to resonate with audiences around the globe. His tireless efforts to bridge the gap between Eastern and Western musical traditions have left an indelible mark on the world of music, inspiring generations of artists and listeners alike.

Available Now for Your Listening Pleasure

Rediscover the magic of Ravi Shankar and André Previn's groundbreaking collaboration with "Concerto for Sitar and Orchestra." Available for purchase now, this timeless album invites you on a journey of musical exploration and cultural discovery. Immerse yourself in the sublime beauty of Indian classical music fused with the grandeur of Western orchestration, and experience the transformative power of music like never before.

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