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Slipknot The End, So Far

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Immerse yourself in the powerful and intense world of Slipknot with "The End, So Far" on clear vinyl. This limited edition release takes you on a journey through the iconic career of one of metal's most influential bands.

"The End, So Far" showcases the evolution of Slipknot's sound, from their early aggressive tracks to their more melodic and introspective compositions. This collection features a carefully curated selection of their greatest hits, including fan favorites like "Duality," "Psychosocial," and "Before I Forget."

The clear vinyl adds a unique visual element to this special edition release, allowing you to fully appreciate the intricate artwork and design. As the needle drops, the translucent disc brings the music to life, enhancing the listening experience.

Slipknot's relentless energy and raw emotion are captured in every track, creating an intense atmosphere that captivates and energizes. Whether you're a die-hard Slipknot fan or a newcomer to their music, "The End, So Far" is a must-have addition to any collection.

This limited edition clear vinyl is a true collector's item, representing the band's legacy and influence on the metal genre. It's a testament to Slipknot's enduring impact and their ability to push boundaries and challenge conventions.

Don't miss your chance to own this exclusive clear vinyl release of Slipknot's "The End, So Far." Order your copy today from and experience the power, aggression, and artistry of Slipknot's music in its purest form.

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