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Smiths Markthalle Hamburg 1984

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The Smiths' Live Performance in Markthalle Hamburg 1984

In 1984, The Smiths delivered a captivating live performance at Markthalle Hamburg, and this FM broadcast recording provides an opportunity to relive that momentous show. Here, we'll take a closer look at the tracks played during this memorable concert:

1. Hand in Glove: The concert kicks off with the iconic "Hand in Glove," setting the tone for a night filled with The Smiths' distinctive sound and Morrissey's emotive vocals.

2. Heaven Knows I'm Miserable Now: A melancholic anthem, "Heaven Knows I'm Miserable Now" showcases the band's ability to blend introspective lyrics with catchy melodies.

3. Girl Afraid: "Girl Afraid" continues the introspective theme, exploring Morrissey's lyrical prowess and the band's musical depth.

4. This Charming Man: A fan favorite, "This Charming Man" is a highlight of the concert, featuring Johnny Marr's jangly guitar riffs and Morrissey's charming vocal delivery.

5. Pretty Girls Make Graves: The haunting "Pretty Girls Make Graves" adds a darker element to the setlist, showcasing the band's versatility.

6. Still Ill: "Still Ill" is a poignant track that captures Morrissey's lyrical vulnerability and the band's raw energy.

7. Barbarism Begins at Home: The concert takes an intense turn with "Barbarism Begins at Home," known for its frenetic instrumental sections and Morrissey's impassioned singing.

8. This Night Has Opened My Eyes: A reflective moment in the setlist, "This Night Has Opened My Eyes" provides a heartfelt interlude.

9. Miserable Lie: "Miserable Lie" adds a dose of wry humor and introspection to the performance.

10. You've Got Everything Now: The band's versatility is evident in "You've Got Everything Now," a track that combines Morrissey's witty lyricism with the band's musical dynamism.

11. Handsome Devil: "Handsome Devil" brings back the energy and excitement with its lively tempo and spirited delivery.

12. What Difference Does It Make: A classic Smiths track, "What Difference Does It Make" continues to captivate the audience with its infectious melody.

13. These Things Take Time (Encore): The encore features "These Things Take Time," showcasing The Smiths' ability to deliver emotional depth through their music.

14. This Charming Man (Encore): The crowd is treated to another round of "This Charming Man," ensuring that the energy remains high.

15. Barbarism Begins at Home (Encore): The concert concludes with a final rendition of "Barbarism Begins at Home," leaving the audience with a lasting impression of The Smiths' electrifying performance.

The Smiths' live concert in Markthalle Hamburg in 1984 is a testament to their musical prowess and Morrissey's unique lyrical talent. This recording allows fans to relive the magic of that evening and appreciate the enduring impact of the band's music.

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