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Sophie Ellis-Bextor Hana

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Embark on a musical journey through East Asia with Sophie Ellis Bextor's latest album, 'Hana'. Created in collaboration with long-time friend and collaborator Ed Harcourt, 'Hana' is the third installment in their trilogy of records, each centered around a specific location.

The creative partnership between Sophie Ellis Bextor and Ed Harcourt began in 2014 with the critically acclaimed and commercially successful album 'Wanderlust', inspired by the enchanting landscapes of Eastern Europe. It continued in 2016 with 'Familia', a vibrant exploration of Latin America's rich musical heritage.

Now, with 'Hana', Sophie and Ed turn their attention to the captivating allure of East Asia. Inspired by Sophie's first trip to Japan before the pandemic, the album captures the essence of the region through a kaleidoscope of joyful sounds and melodies.

From the album's opening track, 'Tokyo', listeners are transported to the vibrant streets and cultural wonders of East Asia. The songs on 'Hana' reflect the energy, beauty, and spirit of the region, creating an immersive musical experience that will captivate your senses.

'Hana' is a testament to Sophie Ellis Bextor's versatility as an artist and her ability to explore diverse musical landscapes. Ed Harcourt's masterful production and the seamless collaboration between the two artists result in a truly remarkable album that celebrates the richness of East Asian culture.

Don't miss out on this extraordinary musical journey. Order your copy of 'Hana' by Sophie Ellis Bextor today and experience the kaleidoscopic joy of East Asia through the captivating melodies and enchanting vocals of one of pop's most iconic voices.

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