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Stockton's Wing Beautiful Affair Best Of

Stockton's Wing Beautiful Affair Best Of

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A definitive career-spanning collection on Vinyl of their legendary and groundbreaking blend of trad, folk and pop has been compiled onto one double set. With everything from soft introverted ballads to whirling fiddle tunes and out-and-out pop hits like 'Beautiful Affair' and 'Walk Away', this is a collection that tells the story of an ensemble of musicians, songwriters, and arrangers with a mutual desire to blur the lines between traditional Irish music and pop.

  • Disc 1
  • 1Beautiful Affair
  • 2Walk Away
  • 3The Humours of Clonmult
  • 4Bold Donnelly
  • 5Jig Mayhem!
  • 6Letting Go
  • 7The Belltable
  • 8Beneath the Shade
  • 9The Golden Stud
  • 10Skidoo (Feat. Steve Cooney)
  • Disc 2
  • 1New Clare Revival
  • 2Avondale
  • 3Over the Moors
  • 4So Many Miles
  • 5Full Flight
  • 6Lonesome Road
  • 7Aaron's Key: Rose in the Heather/Aaron's Key/O'Dea's
  • 8Ceile Swing
  • 9The Master's Daugher: The Master's Daughter/Blessings/Denis O'Brien's
  • 10Black Hill (Live in Ennis)
  • 11Slipslide
  • 12Eastwood

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