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Tool Lateralus (Ltd Ed 2 x Picture Disc)

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Immerse yourself in the sonic masterpiece that is Tool's "Lateralus," now available as a limited edition 2x Vinyl LP Picture Disc. This iconic album, hailed as a progressive metal masterpiece, is a must-have for any music enthusiast and dedicated Tool fan.

The limited edition picture disc vinyl adds a visually stunning element to the already captivating auditory experience of "Lateralus." Each disc showcases intricate artwork that beautifully complements the music, making this edition a true collector's item.

From the hypnotic rhythms to the intricate guitar work and thought-provoking lyrics, "Lateralus" takes listeners on a transcendental journey through complex musical arrangements and introspective themes. With tracks like "Schism," "Parabola," and the title track "Lateralus," this album showcases Tool's unmatched talent and innovative approach to progressive metal.

The 2x Vinyl LP format allows for a fuller, more immersive listening experience, as the music comes alive on the high-quality vinyl. The meticulous production and attention to detail ensure that every note and nuance is preserved, allowing you to appreciate the album's depth and complexity to the fullest.

This limited edition release is a must-have for any Tool fan or vinyl collector, as it combines stunning visuals with the unparalleled musical brilliance of "Lateralus." Whether you're a longtime admirer or new to Tool's sonic universe, this edition offers a unique way to experience their groundbreaking sound.

Order your copy of Tool's "Lateralus" limited edition 2x Vinyl LP Picture Disc today and have it shipped across Ireland from Don't miss out on this opportunity to own a true gem in the world of progressive metal and indulge in the artistic vision of Tool.

Track listing
Side A:     
A1     The Grudge 8:36
A2     Eon Blue Apocalypse     1:04
A3     The Patient 7:13
A4     Mantra       1:12
Side B:
B1     Schism       6:47
B2     Parabol      3:04
B3     Parabola     6:03
B4     Disposition  4:46
Side C:
C1     Ticks & Leeches   8:10
C2     Lateralus    9:24
Side D:
D1     Reflection   11:07
D2     Triad 8:46
D3     Faaip De Oiad      2:39

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