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Undertones Positive Touch LP

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Explore The Undertones' 'Positive Touch' and Experience Evolution

Delve into The Undertones' dynamic evolution with their album 'Positive Touch.' This release marks a departure from the rapid-fire pop-punk of their initial debut albums, showcasing their songwriting prowess while embracing a new sonic direction that captivates and intrigues.

Continuing Songwriting Brilliance: While 'Positive Touch' deviates from their earlier sound, The Undertones maintain their hallmark tight and vivacious songwriting. The hooks that once propelled their hits remain, ensuring that every track on this album is an engaging and unforgettable musical experience.

Sonic Departure: The punk-infused energy that defined their early work has evolved. 'Positive Touch' introduces a broader instrumental spectrum that's both varied and softer. The infusion of new textures, such as piano (thanks to Paul Carrack, then of Squeeze), recorders, and brass instrumentation, paints a rich musical landscape.

Diverse Palette: The album's embrace of new elements results in a rich tapestry of sound. The inclusion of piano adds a melodic depth, while the addition of recorders and brass instrumentation brings fresh layers of complexity to their music. This diversity showcases The Undertones' willingness to explore new sonic horizons.

Musical Collaboration: The presence of Paul Carrack's piano adds an extra layer of intrigue to the album, highlighting the collaborative spirit that underpins 'Positive Touch.' The Undertones' willingness to embrace new sounds and invite other talents into their music speaks to their artistic curiosity.

A New Chapter in Their Journey: 'Positive Touch' marks a pivotal moment in The Undertones' musical journey. While the punk energy that characterized their earlier work might have waned, their commitment to delivering captivating and resonant music remains unwavering.

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