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Waterboys Book of Lightning

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The Waterboys' "Book of Lightning": A Brilliant Sunrise on Vinyl

Step into the world of The Waterboys' musical brilliance with the limited edition vinyl release of their ninth studio album, "Book of Lightning." Originally unveiled in 2007, this album now graces vinyl for the first time, presented in a stunning 'sunrise' yellow hue. With its captivating melodies and soul-stirring lyrics, "Book of Lightning" offers a musical journey that is both enchanting and unforgettable.

"Book of Lightning" was primarily recorded at the iconic former Island Studios in West London, a location steeped in musical history. The album showcases the musical prowess of Mike Scott and Steve Wickham, while also featuring contributions from an array of talented artists. Pianist Richard Naiff, keyboard virtuoso Thighpaulsandra, guitar maestro Leo Abrahams, and drummers Jeremy Stacey and Brady Blade all contribute their unique musical flavors to this vibrant tapestry of sound.

The album presents a diverse collection of tracks, each offering a distinct sonic experience. From the understated country rock epic "She Tried to Hold Me" to the ethereal beauty of "Sustain," recorded with members of Canadian band Great Aunt Ida, "Book of Lightning" weaves together an eclectic mix of musical genres and emotions. The album also includes two gems that were written for, but not recorded during, the iconic "Fisherman's Blues" sessions: "Everybody Takes a Tumble" and "The Man With The Wind at His Heels."

Dave Simpson, writing for The Guardian, aptly described Mike Scott's songs on the album as feeling like they were "handed to him from a crack in the clouds." This sentiment perfectly captures the ethereal and timeless quality that defines The Waterboys' music.

Now, with the release of the limited edition vinyl, "Book of Lightning" takes on a new life, inviting listeners to experience its magic in a format that resonates with warmth and authenticity. The 180g sunrise yellow colored vinyl adds a visual dimension to the auditory experience, making it a collector's dream and a true celebration of The Waterboys' artistic legacy.

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