Album Spotlight: The Waterboys - "This Is The Sea"

Album Spotlight: The Waterboys - "This Is The Sea"

Album Spotlight: The Waterboys - "This Is The Sea" (Remastered and Reissued in 2024)

The Waterboys' "This Is The Sea," originally released in 1985, is an album that has etched its place in the annals of music history, blending the poetic intensity of folk music with the grandeur of rock and roll. Marking a pivotal moment in the band's evolution, it encapsulates the ambitious spirit of the 1980s while foreshadowing the expansive, genre-defying sound that would characterize their later work. In 2024, fans old and new were treated to a remastered and reissued version of this iconic album, offering a fresh auditory experience of its timeless tracks.

A Sonic Journey Revisited

The remastered version of "This Is The Sea" breathes new life into the album's rich tapestry of sound. With advancements in audio technology, the remastering process has enhanced the clarity, depth, and dynamism of the original recordings, allowing listeners to experience the album as never before. Each instrument and vocal line is rendered with greater precision, ensuring that the emotional resonance and intricate details of the music are more palpable.

Standout Tracks and New Discoveries

"This Is The Sea" is home to some of The Waterboys' most beloved tracks, including the anthemic "The Whole of the Moon." With its soaring melody and evocative lyrics, the song captures the essence of striving and the transcendent pursuit of dreams. The remastered edition also brings new nuances to light, offering a deeper appreciation for lesser-known tracks like "Don't Bang the Drum," with its compelling environmental message, and "Spirit," a song that showcases the band's folk influences.

The 2024 reissue also includes previously unreleased tracks and rarities, providing a fuller picture of the album's creative process. These additions offer fans a glimpse into the band's artistic evolution during the period and enrich the overall listening experience.

The Legacy of "This Is The Sea"

"This Is The Sea" stands as a testament to The Waterboys' artistic vision and their ability to fuse the lyrical depth of folk music with the energy of rock. The album's themes of love, aspiration, and the search for meaning have continued to resonate with audiences, ensuring its place as a classic in the rock and folk genres.

The remastered and reissued version not only celebrates the album's enduring legacy but also introduces its magic to a new generation of listeners. By preserving the original's spirit while enhancing its sound quality, the 2024 reissue bridges the gap between past and present, reaffirming "This Is The Sea"'s significance in the music world.

Celebrating "This Is The Sea" at

At and our physical store, Zhivago Gifts in Galway, we're excited to celebrate the remastered and reissued version of "This Is The Sea." Available on vinyl, this edition offers an unparalleled listening experience that highlights the album's majestic scope and emotional depth. Vinyl enthusiasts and Waterboys fans alike will find the remastered edition a valuable addition to their collection, providing a new way to experience and appreciate this landmark album.

Experience the Remastered Edition on Vinyl

Owning the remastered "This Is The Sea" on vinyl is not just about having a piece of music history; it's about experiencing the album's lush soundscapes and poetic storytelling in the richest format possible. The warmth and depth of vinyl capture the essence of The Waterboys' music, making each listen a profound auditory journey.


The Waterboys' "This Is The Sea" remains a powerful musical statement, and the remastered and reissued version in 2024 allows both longtime fans and newcomers to discover its beauty anew. Its blend of rock's energy and folk's lyricism, enhanced by modern audio clarity, ensures that "This Is The Sea" continues to inspire and captivate. and Zhivago Gifts are proud to offer this timeless album, inviting listeners to dive into its waves of sound and emotion once again.

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