Artist Spotlight: ABC

Artist Spotlight: ABC

The Rise of ABC

ABC, formed in Sheffield, England, in the early 1980s, quickly became one of the defining bands of the new wave and synth-pop movement. Fronted by lead singer Martin Fry, ABC stood out for their polished sound, sophisticated lyrics, and stylish presence. Their music, a blend of pop, soul, and electronic elements, was both accessible and artistically rich.

"The Lexicon of Love" (1982)

"The Lexicon of Love," released in 1982, is ABC's seminal album and a masterpiece of the synth-pop genre. Produced by Trevor Horn, the album is known for its lush orchestration, sophisticated production, and catchy, emotive songs. It features hits like “The Look of Love,” “Poison Arrow,” and “All of My Heart,” which have become timeless classics. The album's blend of sweeping strings, punchy rhythms, and Fry's charismatic vocals created a unique sound that was both grandiose and intimate.

Half Speed Master Release

In celebration of this iconic album, a special Half Speed Master edition of "The Lexicon of Love" is now available. This edition offers a superior audio experience, with greater clarity, depth, and detail, allowing listeners to experience the album as never before. It’s a must-have for audiophiles and fans of the band.

Continued Influence and Legacy

ABC’s influence on pop music extends beyond the 80s. "The Lexicon of Love" set a high bar for conceptual pop albums and is often cited as a significant influence by contemporary artists. The album's fusion of orchestral arrangements with synth-pop continues to inspire musicians and producers.

Beyond "The Lexicon of Love"

Following their debut, ABC continued to evolve, experimenting with different styles and sounds in albums like "Beauty Stab" (1983) and "How to Be a ... Zillionaire!" (1985). While they never replicated the commercial success of their debut, ABC remained a respected and innovative presence in the music world.

Rediscover the elegance and sophistication of ABC's "The Lexicon of Love" with the special Half Speed Master edition. Experience the album that defined an era and continues to captivate listeners with its timeless appeal and innovative sound.

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