Galway's Own - NewDad "Madra" Coming January 26

Galway's Own - NewDad "Madra" Coming January 26

Irish alt/rock ensemble NewDad unveils the intricacies behind their much-anticipated debut album, "Madra," destined to grace the music industry on January 26, 2023, under the aegis of Fair Youth/Atlantic. The lead force behind the vocal dynamism of the album, singer/guitarist Julie Dawson, finds an intriguing muse in the provocative TV series "Euphoria," particularly drawing from the tumultuous relationship dynamics between characters Rue and Jules.

Album Insights

Gaelic Roots

The album, endowed with an evocative Gaelic title "Madra" translating to “dog” in English, stands as a bold representation of a journey embedded in vulnerability and raw self-introspection.

Rich Narratives

Cementing its narrative prowess, "Madra" features 11 tracks that navigate a myriad of potent themes ranging from self-sabotage and depression to co-dependency and resistance, offering a rich tapestry of emotional landscapes.

Visual Metaphor

The album portrays its underlying themes vividly through its cover art captured by the talented Irish artist Joshua Gordon, showcasing a shattered doll representing the prevalent fragility and vulnerability in the narratives woven through the tracks.

Musical Roots

Rekindling the musical hues that influenced their early years, NewDad brings a revival of shoegaze/rock sonics inspired by iconic bands like Pixies, The Cure, and Slowdive, delicately interwoven with contemporary indie/pop elements reminiscent of their early releases 'Waves EP' (2021) and 'Banshee EP' (2022).

Production and Collaboration

A product of Galway, Ireland, the hometown of NewDad before venturing to London, the album was birthed in the renowned Rockfield Studios, an abode of legendary bands like Black Sabbath and Queen. Chris Ryan, their long-term collaborator, spearheaded the production, while the expertise of Alan Moulder in mixing brought to life a work of art that resonates with powerful narratives and meticulous production.

Vocal Signature

At the heart of "Madra" lies the spectral vocal dynamics of Julie, carrying the weight of introspective lyrics, promising to etch NewDad into the memories of listeners as a potent force in Ireland's guitar band landscape.

Track Highlights

  • Madra and Let Go delve deep into personal turmoil exploring self-medication and depression.
  • Where I Go stands as a vocal advocate against bullying.
  • Change My Mind and White Ribbons venture into the realm of destruction.
  • Nosebleed portrays the intricacies of co-dependency.
  • Nightmares speaks of resistance, adding a bold stroke to the album's theme palette.

As NewDad gears up to release "Madra," fans and new listeners alike can brace themselves for a lyrical journey that is both heartbreaking and redemptive, painting the complex portrait of youth with an unflinching honesty and musical depth. The audience is advised to stay tuned for a release that promises to showcase the vibrant future of Irish rock, characterized by emotional rawness and musical mastery.

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