Hot Pre-Order: The National Laugh Track - November 17th!

Hot Pre-Order: The National Laugh Track - November 17th!

Released November 17

"Laugh Track" emerges as a breath of fresh air in The National's discography. Following closely behind the introspective "First Two Pages of Frankenstein," this surprise album is a testament to the band's adaptability, resilience, and chemistry after more than two decades of collaboration.

Key Features

  • Dynamic Energy: Fueled by spontaneity and vintage rock energy, "Laugh Track" is markedly different from the band's usual contemplative tone. This shift reveals The National's versatility and their ability to challenge their own established sound.

  • Live Evolution: A significant portion of "Laugh Track" was developed in front of live audiences, a testament to the band's confidence in their music and their fans. This unique approach gives the tracks an organic, raw feel, enhancing the overall listening experience.

  • Impromptu Recording: The spontaneity extends to their recording sessions. By utilizing Tucker Martine’s Portland studio right after live performances and recording "Smoke Detector" during a soundcheck in Vancouver, The National has managed to capture the raw, untamed spirit of live music.

Tracks to Look Out For

The nearly eight-minute long "Smoke Detector" is a highlight, closing the album on a powerful note. Recorded during a soundcheck, it encapsulates the album's themes of spontaneity and raw emotion. Given its live genesis, it's bound to resonate differently and more potently with listeners who have seen the band perform it in concert.


  1. Alphabet City
  2. Deep End (Paul’s in Pieces)
  3. Weird Goodbyes feat. Bon Iver
  4. Turn off the House
  5. Dreaming
  6. Laugh Track feat. Phoebe Bridgers
  7. Space Invader
  8. Hornets
  9. Coat on a Hook
  10. Tour Manager
  11. Crumble feat. Rosanne Cash
  12. Smoke Detector
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