Hot Pre-Order: Tina Turner The Queen of Rock and Roll

Hot Pre-Order: Tina Turner The Queen of Rock and Roll

Released November 24

Tina Turner - The Queen of Rock and Roll Overview

"The Queen of Rock and Roll" offers an expansive look into the storied solo career of Tina Turner, one of music's most influential and enduring figures. Spanning five decades, this anthology is a testament to Turner's indomitable spirit and unmistakable voice.

Key Features

  • Extensive Collection: The 5 LP deluxe set boasts a massive 55 tracks, making it a comprehensive journey through Turner's solo career.

  • Variety of Formats: Whether you're a vinyl purist or someone who prefers unique collectibles, the album comes in both standard black LP and a special crystal clear LP. The latter provides a tactile and visual experience that complements the audio journey.

  • Carefully Curated: The black and crystal clear 1LP editions are designed for those who prefer a concise experience, containing 12 handpicked tracks that showcase the best of Tina Turner's solo singles.

Tracks to Look Out For

While each track represents a significant moment in Tina Turner's solo career, listeners might want to pay special attention to her rendition of "Whole Lotta Love" and the 2020 Kygo remix of "What’s Love Got to Do With It". The former showcases her ability to take on classic rock staples, while the latter is a testament to her enduring relevance in modern pop culture.

Final Thoughts

"Queen of Rock and Roll" isn't just an album; it's an anthology, a history, and a celebration. For longtime fans, it's a nostalgic journey down memory lane. For newcomers, it’s an introduction to a legend. The compilation serves as a testament to Tina Turner's contribution to the world of music and her undying influence on generations of artists. This collection is not just a commemoration of her 50-year solo career; it's a tribute to her legacy. With its release on 24 November 2023, both old and new fans can once again be enthralled by the voice and spirit of the Queen of Rock 'n' Roll.

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