Irish Vinyl We'd Love To See Re-pressed: Turn "Forward"

Irish Vinyl We'd Love To See Re-pressed: Turn "Forward"

Album Spotlight: Turn - "Forward"

Turn's "Forward" stands out as a seminal album in the Irish music scene, following their acclaimed "Antisocial" album which included the indie anthem "Beretta." Released in 2003, "Forward" showcased the band's evolution with a collection of impeccably crafted tunes, earning it a spot on our list of Irish albums we'd love to see repressed on vinyl.

Overview of the Album

"Forward" emerged as a significant development in Turn's discography, teased initially through the "In Position" EP, which featured the standout track "Heart Attack"—a personal favorite among many fans (AND me!) This album marked a pivotal moment for the band, demonstrating their knack for creating compelling music that resonates.

Release and Reception

The album was released to rave reviews and strong sales, debuting at No. 8 on the Irish charts. Notably, "Forward" is the highest-selling Turn album to date and was the only one of their three albums produced independently, without the involvement of a record label. This independence is reflected in the album's authentic sound and heartfelt lyrics.

Key Tracks

"Forward" is replete with memorable tracks, including "You Got Style," "Summer Song," and "Another Year Over." Each song showcases the band's ability to blend catchy melodies with thoughtful lyrics, creating an album that's both reflective and relatable.

Special In-Store Performance

In celebration of the The In Position EP's release, Turn performed an in-store event at our old Eyre Square branch of Zhivago Records in 2002. This intimate performance allowed fans to experience the album's raw power and the band's dynamic presence up close.

Legacy and Influence

"Forward" continues to hold a special place in the hearts of Turn fans and remains influential in the Irish rock scene. Its blend of robust rock elements and melodic pop overtones exemplifies the early 2000s musical ethos and underscores the band's versatility.

Vinyl Repress Campaign

A vinyl release would not only celebrate the album's legacy but also introduce Turn's influential sound to new listeners who appreciate the warmth and richness that vinyl brings to music.

Stay tuned to and visit Zhivago Gifts in Galway for updates on this and other exciting vinyl represses. "Forward" by Turn is a pivotal album that beautifully captures a moment in Irish rock history, making it a deserving candidate for vinyl reissue.

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