Mac Miller's Vibrant Legacy: Dive into Limited Edition Coloured Vinyl Releases This Friday!

Mac Miller's Vibrant Legacy: Dive into Limited Edition Coloured Vinyl Releases This Friday!

There's something about vinyl records that make them the pinnacle of music appreciation. And when they are coloured, they become not just a medium for sound, but also a visual work of art. This Friday, October 6th, music aficionados are in for a treat as Mac Miller's remarkable discography gets a splash of colour in exclusive special editions. These unique releases are reserved for independent record stores, reinforcing the intimate bond between music enthusiasts and their cherished local stores.


Faces is a masterclass in introspection. Released as a mixtape, it delves deep into Mac's psyche, touching on topics of addiction and mental health. This coloured vinyl edition encapsulates the raw emotion and intricate beats that Mac Miller was known for.


A posthumous release that serves as a companion to Swimming, Circles is a bittersweet tribute to Mac’s artistry and vision. It’s an exploration of acceptance and the cyclical nature of life and emotions.


With GO:OD AM, Mac showcased his growth as an artist. It's an album filled with optimism, a fresh start that reflects his personal journey. The coloured vinyl will breathe new life into tracks that fans have loved and celebrated.

The Divine Feminine

A deep dive into love and its many facets, The Divine Feminine stands as one of Mac’s most cohesive projects. Its jazzy undertones and collaborations with artists like Ariana Grande and Kendrick Lamar make it a standout.

The NPR Tiny Desk Concert

Mac Miller's NPR Tiny Desk Concert remains one of the most poignant performances in the series. Stripped down and intimate, Mac's raw talent and passion shine through.

A Colourful Homage to a Music Icon

These limited edition coloured vinyl releases are not just records; they're a tribute to Mac Miller's profound impact on music and the lives he touched. Exclusive to independent stores like ours, make sure to grab your copies from or in person at Zhivago Gifts in Galway. Celebrate the vibrant legacy of Mac Miller this Friday.

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