Prince Music From Graffiti Bridge - Vinyl Reissue Out Today

Prince Music From Graffiti Bridge - Vinyl Reissue Out Today

Prince Music From Graffiti Bridge - Vinyl Reissue

Step into the enchanting realm of Prince's musical genius with the vinyl reissue of "Music From Graffiti Bridge," available now. Originally released in 1990 as a companion to his self-directed film Graffiti Bridge, this soundtrack album offers a mesmerizing journey through Prince's multifaceted artistry.

"Music From Graffiti Bridge" stands as a testament to Prince's unparalleled creativity. Following the success of his Batman soundtrack, this album showcases his ability to seamlessly blend genres and create music that defies categorization. The album features the chart-topping single "Thieves In The Temple," a track that encapsulates Prince's distinctive sound and boundless energy.

Beyond his own performances, Prince's role as a producer shines on this album. The single "Round And Round" by Tevin Campbell, produced by Prince himself, highlights his exceptional talent for guiding other artists to musical excellence.

The album itself is a sonic journey through a diverse musical landscape. From the irresistible rhythms of "Can't Stop This Feeling I Got" and "New Power Generation" to the emotive ballads like "The Question Of U" and "Still Would Stand All Time," Prince's artistry paints a vivid picture through sound.

"Music From Graffiti Bridge" also includes gems like the funk-laden "We Can Funk," the hypnotic "Joy In Repetition," and the electric "Thieves In The Temple." Each track showcases Prince's mastery in crafting music that's both innovative and deeply moving.

The vinyl reissue of "Music From Graffiti Bridge" arrives on September 8th, 2023. Presented in a high-quality 2LP format, this release promises an immersive auditory experience. Rediscover the magic of Graffiti Bridge as Prince's music whisks you away to a world of imagination and creativity.

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Revel in the timeless musical legacy of Prince and let the enchanting sounds of "Music From Graffiti Bridge" ignite your senses once again.

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