Prince Vinyl Represses Coming Soon!

Prince Vinyl Represses Coming Soon!

Long Out of Print Albums Finally Seeing the Light of Day

Great news for vinyl collectors and Prince fans alike!, Ireland's trusted source for the finest vinyl records, is thrilled to announce that we're about to stock represses of some of Prince's most beloved, long out of print albums. This collection includes classics like "For You," "LoveSexy," "Come," "Music From Graffiti Bridge," and the "Batman Soundtrack".

These iconic albums, previously hard to find, will soon be available both online and in our brick-and-mortar store located in Zhivago Gifts, Galway. Read on as we give you a sneak peek of these timeless masterpieces soon to grace our shelves.

For You

The album that started it all, "For You," is a testament to Prince's inimitable talent and creativity. It's where Prince introduced himself to the world, with his sensuous vocals and lush, layered soundscapes. Having this album back on vinyl is a celebration of the artist's roots.


"LoveSexy" is Prince at his most daring and experimental, showcasing a blend of pop, soul, and funk that only he could create. This album, with its themes of love, sexuality, and spirituality, captures Prince's audacious artistry and will soon spin on your turntable again.


"Come" represents a pivotal point in Prince's career, embodying a shift in style and attitude. It's a testament to Prince's ability to evolve and adapt his music, a must-have for any serious collector. We can't wait to deliver this creative gem to you.

Music From Graffiti Bridge

"Music From Graffiti Bridge" is a powerful amalgamation of Prince's musical genius. This soundtrack to his 1990 film "Graffiti Bridge" offers an unforgettable blend of pop, funk, and soul. Soon, you'll be able to revel in this auditory journey on vinyl.

Batman Soundtrack

Last but not least, the "Batman Soundtrack" is a unique fusion of film and music. Prince's funky pop soundtracks Gotham City's dark underbelly in a style that only he could muster. It's a remarkable blend of popular culture that we're excited to reintroduce to the vinyl world.


These much-anticipated represses, coming soon to, serve as a tribute to Prince’s irreplaceable talent. An icon of his time, Prince's music continues to inspire and captivate audiences.

Whether you're a die-hard Prince fan or a vinyl collector, these represses are an opportunity you won't want to miss. They will be available online and at our physical store in Zhivago Gifts, Galway. Join us as we celebrate the rich legacy of Prince, one vinyl at a time.

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