Tyler, The Creator: The Albums That Made A Legend

Tyler, The Creator: The Albums That Made A Legend

In the landscape of contemporary music, few artists are as polarizing and influential as Tyler, The Creator. Bursting onto the scene with his alternative hip hop collective Odd Future, Tyler has since carved out a unique and indelible place in music history. His discography, rich with innovation and artistic growth, has solidified him as a legend in the making.

'Goblin' (2011)

Tyler's debut studio album, 'Goblin,' was a raw, unfiltered introduction to his unique vision. With its blend of dark, lo-fi beats and aggressive lyrics, 'Goblin' showcased Tyler's knack for storytelling and his penchant for pushing boundaries.

'Wolf' (2013)

'Wolf' saw Tyler further honing his craft, expanding his sonic palette, and delving deeper into his personal experiences. The album was praised for its complex narrative, intricate production, and a more mature, introspective approach to songwriting.

'Cherry Bomb' (2015)

With 'Cherry Bomb,' Tyler took a bold step away from his established sound. The album's experimental nature, featuring a mix of jazz, soul, and funk influences, demonstrated Tyler's refusal to be boxed into a single genre or style.

'Flower Boy' (2017)

'Flower Boy' marked a significant turning point in Tyler's career. Notably more polished and introspective than his previous work, the album showcased Tyler's growth both as an artist and as an individual. 'Flower Boy' earned Tyler widespread critical acclaim and his first Grammy nomination.

'IGOR' (2019)

'IGOR' was a testament to Tyler's continued evolution as an artist. A departure from his rap roots, 'IGOR' was a genre-blending masterpiece that further solidified Tyler's place in music history. The album, which won the Grammy for Best Rap Album, was hailed as Tyler's best work to date.

'Call Me If You Get Lost' (2021)

In 'Call Me If You Get Lost,' Tyler continued to push boundaries, blending elements of hip-hop, R&B, and soul into a vibrant sonic collage. With its dazzling production and introspective lyricism, the album serves as a reflection of Tyler's journey as an artist, offering a captivating exploration of his growth and maturity.

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