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Brian Eno "Eno" Soundtrack

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Brian Eno's "Eno" Soundtrack: A Sonic Journey Through Innovation

The Official Soundtrack to the 2024 Documentary 'Eno'

Brian Eno, a pioneering figure in ambient music, experimental soundscapes, and innovative production techniques, is the focus of Gary Hustwit's 2024 documentary, "Eno." This definitive exploration of Eno's influential career is accompanied by an official soundtrack that serves as a comprehensive auditory companion to the film. The soundtrack not only encapsulates Eno's vast musical journey but also highlights his collaborative spirit and relentless pursuit of new sonic territories.

A Curated Selection of Brian Eno's Musical Genius

The "Eno" soundtrack spans 17 tracks, meticulously selected to represent the breadth and depth of Brian Eno's recording career. From solo works to collaborations with notable artists such as Daniel Lanois, Roger Eno, Fred Again, Cluster, John Cale, Tom Rogerson, David Byrne, Leo Abrahams, and Jon Hopkins, this collection underscores Eno's role as a visionary musician and artist.

Highlights Include:

  • Previously Unreleased Recordings: Among the 17 tracks, three previously unreleased recordings offer fans a glimpse into the unrevealed facets of Eno's artistic output.
  • Iconic Collaborations: The soundtrack features celebrated collaborations, including "The Secret Place" with Daniel Lanois and Roger Eno, "Spinning Away" with John Cale, and "Everything That Happens" with David Byrne.
  • Live Performances: "By the River (Live at the Apropolis)" with Roger Eno provides a rare live performance experience, capturing the ephemeral beauty of Eno's music in a live setting.

A Ground-breaking Generative Film

The documentary "Eno" is noted for its innovative approach, being a generative film that changes with each showing. This unique format mirrors Brian Eno's own experimental ethos, making the film and its soundtrack a fitting tribute to his legacy of innovation.

Why the "Eno" Soundtrack is Essential Listening

  • Comprehensive Collection: The soundtrack offers a broad overview of Brian Eno's work, making it an essential collection for both longtime fans and newcomers to his music.
  • Innovative Soundscapes: Eno's pioneering work in ambient music and beyond is showcased across the tracks, highlighting his influence on contemporary sound design and music production.
  • Exclusive Content: With previously unreleased tracks included, the soundtrack provides an opportunity to experience new music from one of the most innovative artists of our time.
  • Sonic Companion to the Film: As the official soundtrack to the "Eno" documentary, it serves as a perfect complement to the visual journey through Brian Eno's career.


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