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Brujeria Esto Es Brujeria (Splatter LP)

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Prepare to be consumed by the dark and enigmatic world of Brujeria with "Esto Es Brujeria," now available on spellbinding splatter vinyl. Step into the realm of this brutal death-grind band from Mexico that emerged in 1989, shrouded in mystery and infamy, introducing phrases like Matando Güeros, La Migra, and Marijuana y Brujerizmo that send shivers down the spine.

Experience the sinister syncretism that defines Brujeria's music, where Afro-Caribbean sorcery like Palo Mayombe and Santeria converge with themes of illegal drug trafficking, retaliation, and demonic possession. The band crafts a metal version of the corrido, a traditional Mexican song style that weaves intricate stories. With narratives that span from history to the daily life of outlaws, Brujeria's tales cover the spectrum, from murder and rebellion to drug deals gone awry.

On the blistering platter "Esto Es," Brujeria's latest opus, their storytelling prowess takes center stage. Each track paints a vivid picture, whether it's stepping into the role of the Party Boss or recounting a harrowing first night in jail. The music resonates with a raw intensity that mirrors the darkness of the stories being told.

The splatter vinyl edition adds an extra layer of allure to the album. As you spin the record, you'll be drawn into the immersive experience that only vinyl can provide. The album cover is a work of art in itself, a visual representation of the ominous tales that await your ears.

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