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Dave Brubeck Time Out

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Dave Brubeck's "Time Out" is a foundational jazz album originally released in 1959. This was an experimental endeavor in music since it utilized unusual time signatures, hence the album name "Time Out". The recording features the Dave Brubeck Quartet with Dave Brubeck on piano, Paul Desmond on alto saxophone, Eugene Wright on bass, and Joe Morello on drums. Let's delve deeper into the highlights and the nuances of this historical jazz monument.

Album Highlights

  • Blue Rondo a La Turk

    Starting with a captivating rhythm inspired by Turkish folk music, this track plays with time signatures, shifting from 9/8 to a more conventional 4/4 jazz rhythm. It’s a piece that exudes excitement and complexity, bringing the listener into a world of rhythmic diversity and playful experimentation.

  • Take Five

    The most recognizable track on the album, and arguably one of the most famous jazz tracks of all time, "Take Five" is noted for its unusual 5/4 time signature. This Paul Desmond composition features a classic, catchy saxophone line, coupled with a legendary drum solo by Joe Morello. It's a mesmerizing number that encourages listeners to truly "take five" and sink into the rhythms.

  • Strange Meadow Lark

    This track initiates with a languid and beautifully introspective piano solo from Brubeck before unfolding into a more structured piece with a beautiful melody carried by Desmond's alto saxophone. It's a contemplative, serene musical landscape that carries listeners through moments of beauty and tranquility.

Musical Artistry

"Time Out" broke grounds not just by introducing uncommon time signatures in jazz but also by bringing a classical music influence into the jazz domain, showcasing a fascinating blend of structured, rhythmic experimentation and lyrical, flowing solos.

Brubeck's classically trained background shines through in the compositions, bringing a rich harmonic palette and a structured approach to jazz that was quite fresh at the time. The meticulous construction of each piece provides a playground for the musical talents of each band member to shine, from Desmond’s silky smooth saxophone lines to Morello's inventive drumming techniques.


The album stands as a testament to the innovation and creativity of the jazz era, pushing boundaries and expanding the horizons of what was considered possible in jazz music. It brought attention to the wonders of complex time signatures, creating a canvas for exploration and improvisation.

The album was not only commercially successful, hitting the charts in a big way, but also highly influential, leaving a lasting impact on the world of jazz by opening doors to further rhythmic and harmonic explorations.

Final Thoughts

"Time Out" is a seminal work in the jazz repertoire, a masterclass in rhythmic complexity and musical innovation. It is a journey through a landscape of complex rhythms, beautiful melodies, and masterful musicianship, an essential listen for any jazz enthusiast or for anyone looking to delve into the rich world of jazz music. It stands as a testament to the brilliance of Dave Brubeck and his quartet, a reminder of a time when boundaries were being pushed, and new paths were being forged in the world of music.


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