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Doors The Soft Parade 50TH Anniversary

Doors The Soft Parade 50TH Anniversary

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The Doors' 1969 album, 'The Soft Parade', became the band's fourth straight UK top ten album when it was released. Despite featuring one of the group's biggest hits, 'Touch Me', it remains the most polarising record of the band's career, thanks to the brass and string arrangements that embellish several tracks.

Disc 1
  • 1Tell All the People (2019 Remaster)

  • 2Touch Me (2019 Remaster)

  • 3Shaman's Blues (2019 Remaster)

  • 4Do It (2019 Remaster)

  • 5Easy Ride (2019 Remaster)

  • 6Wild Child (2019 Remaster)

  • 7Runnin' Blue (2019 Remaster)

  • 8Wishful Sinful (2019 Remaster)

  • 9The Soft Parade (2019 Remaster)

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