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Iggy Pop The Idiot

Iggy Pop The Idiot

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'The Idiot' is the debut solo album on Vinyl from American musician Iggy Pop, which includes standout tunes such as 'Nightclubbing', 'Funtime' and 'Dum Dum Boys'. The original version of 'China Girl' (later an '80s hit for Bowie) introduced listeners to a more cerebral, introspective Iggy, often substituting an understated sense of unease for The Stooges' raw aural assault.

  • Disc 1
  • 1Sister Midnight
  • 2Nightclubbing
  • 3Funtime
  • 4Baby
  • 5China Girl
  • 6Dum Dum Boys
  • 7Tiny Girls
  • 8Mass Production