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Metallica St. Anger

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The tight fist of the “St Anger” pouch keeps all these promises. This album sounds like the deliverance of a band whose incessant controversy, since “Load”, had ended up using the various members. So much so that bassist Jason Newsteed preferred to leave rather than stay on this attacked ship on all sides, while James Hetfield was forced to spend some time in a detox center. But finally, what does not kill reinforces, and this holy anger of the gods of the heavy is the strongest album the Metallica has made in a long time. So forget the ballads, forget the acoustic pieces of “Load”, forget the symphony orchestra of the "SM “, forget about the big productions of Bob Rock, Metallica returns to this time when success had not touched them (sunk?) , at that time when they were repeating in their garage without stress or pressure. This is felt on the atmosphere of the album. The convoluted structures of the songs recall “And Justice For All...”, James Hetfield's rage at singing brings us back to the time “Kill'em all” while Lars Ulrich's drums sound is more percussive and less tinkling than before. What about Frantic's “machine gun” riff? , the energy of the single St Anger? Once again, the four musicians of the Bay Area surprise. Let us tell ourselves, nobody dictates his law to Metallica... without risking provoking apocalyptic anger.

Disc 1

  • 1Frantic

  • 2St. Anger

  • 3Some Kind of Monster

  • 4Dirty Window

  • 5Invisible Kid

  • 6My Word

  • 7Shoot Me Again

  • 8Sweet Amber

  • 9Unnamed Feeling

  • 10Purify

  • 11All Within My Hands

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