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Notorious BIG Ready To Die

Notorious BIG Ready To Die

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Originally released on 13th September 1994, 'Ready to Die' is the debut studio album from hip-hop legend, The Notorious B.I.G. Upon release, the album was met with widespread critical acclaim, with Pitchfork giving it a 10/10 rating along with various other critics praising it for its brutally honest depiction of gang violence and conflict as opposed to the often-glorified portrayal in the genre and the wider media.

Available in Black or Limited Edition Silver Vinyl

  • Disc 1
  • 1Intro
  • 2Things Done Changed
  • 3Gimme the Loot
  • 4Machine Gun Funk
  • 5Warning
  • 6Ready to Die
  • 7One More Chance
  • 8#!*@ Me (Interlude)
  • 9The What
  • 10Juicy
  • 11Everyday Struggles
  • 12Me & My B*tch
  • 13Big Poppa
  • 14Respect
  • 15Friend of Mine
  • 16Unbelievable
  • 17Suicidal Thoughts

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