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Prince Diamonds And Pearls Deluxe Vinyl Boxset 12 LP

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The "Diamonds And Pearls" Deluxe Vinyl Boxset by Prince & the New Power Generation is a comprehensive collection that features 12 LPs and a Blu-ray disc. Here's an overview of what's included:


- **12 LPs:** The vinyl boxset includes a total of 12 vinyl records. The content is organized into different sections, and each LP contains a specific set of tracks. The LPs include remastered versions of the original album, single mixes and edits, previously unreleased studio gems, and live concert recordings.

- **Blu-ray Disc:** The Blu-ray disc contains both audio and video content. It includes the previously unreleased live concert performance of Prince & The NPG at Glam Slam in Minneapolis in 1992. The concert has been mixed from the 24-track master. Additionally, the Blu-ray features Prince & The NPG's performance at The Special Olympics at the Metrodome in Minneapolis in 1991, as well as a previously unseen soundcheck. The Blu-ray also presents the long out-of-print "Diamonds And Pearls" Video Collection.


The tracklisting is extensive and spans across the 12 LPs and the Blu-ray disc. It includes remastered versions of the original album tracks, remixes, B-sides, alternate versions, live performances, and more. The tracklist is organized into different LPs and sections, such as "DIAMONDS AND PEARLS (REMASTERED)," "SINGLE MIXES & EDITS (REMASTERED)," "VAULT I," "VAULT II," and "LIVE AT GLAM SLAM, 1992."

**Additional Features:**

- The vinyl boxset includes a 120-page hardback book with essays, photos, and contributions from various individuals, including author & broadcaster Andrea Swensson, archivist Duane Tudahl, music critic Jason Draper, and more.

- The set also includes a brand-new Dolby ATMOS mix of "Diamonds And Pearls," marking the first time a Prince studio album has been mixed in ATMOS.

**Content Highlights:**

- Remastered album tracks from "Diamonds And Pearls."
- Remixes, B-sides, and edits from the era.
- Previously unreleased studio gems from Prince's vault.
- Unreleased live concert performance from Glam Slam in 1992.
- Special Olympics performance in 1991.
- "Diamonds And Pearls" Video Collection.
- Essays, photos, and contributions from various individuals.

This Deluxe Vinyl Boxset offers a comprehensive and immersive experience for fans of Prince & the New Power Generation's "Diamonds And Pearls" album, featuring a variety of audio and visual content from that era.

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