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Silverchair Frogstomp

Silverchair Frogstomp

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Australian post-grunge band Silverchair released their debut album Frogstomp when the band members were only 15 years of age. In just 9 days they recorded a fantastic album, in which they show that even young teenagers know how to rock.

  • 180 gram audiophile vinyl
  • Gatefold sleeve with deluxe spot-varnish finish
  • Printed innersleeves
  • Legendary debut-album, including "Tomorrow”, "Pure Massacre" and vinyl-only track “Blind”
  • Etched D-side

Side A

1. Israel's Son
2. Tomorrow
3. Faultline
4. Pure Massacre

Side B

1. Shade
2. Blind
3. Leave Me Out
4. Suicidal Dream

Side C

1. Madman
2. Undecided
3. Cicada
4. Findaway