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Dive into the vibrant and boundary-pushing world of Telefis, the captivating collaboration between renowned producer Garret "Jacknife" Lee and singer-lyricist Cathal Coughlan. As Dimple Discs proudly presents their debut album, prepare to embark on an extraordinary musical journey that blends nostalgia, satire, and infectious electronic pop.

Telefis, meaning "Television" in Gaelic, is a bold exploration of Irish culture, both past and present. Cathal Coughlan's imaginative storytelling introduces a cast of eccentric characters, drawing inspiration from Irish nostalgia and shedding light on modern global hierarchies. Backed by Jacknife Lee's masterful production, the album's electro-funk soundscapes come alive with melodic synths and powerful basslines that are impossible to resist.

This exceptional collaboration showcases the immense talent of two iconic figures in Irish music. Jacknife Lee, known for his work with U2, REM, and Two Door Cinema Club, brings his unparalleled production skills to the forefront, creating an irresistibly dynamic sonic backdrop. Meanwhile, Cathal Coughlan's lyrical prowess and captivating vocals capture the essence of Telefis, making each track a mesmerizing experience.

With their debut album, Telefis invites you to embrace their unique vision and immerse yourself in the artistry of these Irish trailblazers. From the infectious grooves to the thought-provoking narratives, this album is a testament to their creative genius and their ability to push musical boundaries.

Experience the magic of Telefis' debut album, available for purchase and shipping across Ireland from Join us in celebrating the groundbreaking collaboration of Garret "Jacknife" Lee and Cathal Coughlan as they redefine the possibilities of electronic pop. Don't miss out on this extraordinary musical adventure that is Telefis.




1. Seo Eì Gloìr Na Teilifiìse

2. Mister Imperator

3. We Need

4. Falun Gong Dancer

5. The Symphonies Of Danny La Rue

6. Archbishop Beardmouth At The ChemOlympics



1. The Imperial Angelus

2. Sex Bunting

3. Ballytransnational

4. There Goes Waterface

5. Picadors

6. Stampede

7. Stop The Lights


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