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Aslan Platinum Collection 3LP

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Limited Numbered Vinyl, only 1000 copies available.

Vinyl 1

Side A

Hold OnNow I Know

I Need A Little Time


Fall On Me

Shine A Light

Side B

Love Is All You Need

Six Days To Zero

She’s So Beautiful

Different Man

Lucy Jones (Part 1)

Lucy Jones (Part 2)

Vinyl 2

Side C

Hurt Sometimes


Where’s The Sun

Crazy World

Pretty Thing

Side D

This Is

Loving Me Lately

Please Don’t Stop

Can’t Hold Back

The Gallery

Vinyl 3

Side E

Run Like A Devil

Something’s Wrong

Dangerous Games

Jesus Says He

Loves Me

Don’t Make Me

Cry Again

Side F


Let Loose In Heaven

Broken Soul

Don’t Look Down

On Me

Vinyl 4

Side G

Won’t Let You Down

5 Years

Caroline Says (Part 2)

Rock ’N’ Roll Suicide

Make Me Smile (Come

Up And See Me)

Side H

Dreaming Of Dreams


Living For The City

Christmas Card From A

Hooker In Minneapolis

Working Class Hero