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Ghost Phantomime

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Unleash the haunting sounds of Ghost's highly anticipated album 'PHANTOMIME' as they continue their musical journey following the international success of their chart-topping opus 'IMPERA'. This spellbinding collection showcases the Grammy Award-winning band's diverse musical DNA, featuring a captivating selection of cover songs that pay tribute to their unlikely bedfellow influences.

'PHANTOMIME' takes you on a mesmerizing sonic adventure with Ghost's unique interpretation of classics by legendary artists. Prepare to be enthralled as Ghost infuses their undeniable sonic signature into songs by Television, Genesis, The Stranglers, Iron Maiden, and even Tina Turner. With their exceptional artistry and musical prowess, Ghost breathes new life into these iconic tracks, creating a collection that is both familiar and delightfully unexpected.

Immerse yourself in the sonic world of Ghost with the limited edition vinyl release of 'PHANTOMIME'. This meticulously crafted album showcases Ghost's unparalleled talent and their ability to reinvent musical masterpieces while staying true to their own distinctive sound. Each track is carefully infused with Ghost's dark and atmospheric ambiance, creating a mesmerizing blend of haunting melodies and captivating performances.

Experience the magic of 'PHANTOMIME' by securing your copy of the vinyl edition, available now for order at As Ireland's premier vinyl destination, offers a wide selection of exceptional releases, including this remarkable album from Ghost. Enjoy the convenience of fast and reliable shipping across Ireland, ensuring that 'PHANTOMIME' arrives safely at your doorstep, ready to cast its spell upon your ears.

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Unveil the mystical allure of 'PHANTOMIME' and discover why Ghost continues to captivate audiences worldwide. With their unparalleled artistry and ingenious reinterpretations, Ghost's latest offering is a testament to their musical prowess and distinctive vision. Order your copy of 'PHANTOMIME' today from or visit Zhivago Gifts in Galway to embark on a mesmerizing musical journey unlike any other.

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