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Janis Joplin Greatest Hits

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Album Spotlight: Janis Joplin - Greatest Hits


Janis Joplin's "Greatest Hits" compilation album is a timeless collection of her most iconic songs. Released posthumously in 1973, it serves as a poignant reminder of Joplin's immense talent and enduring legacy.


Disc 1
  1. Piece of My Heart
  2. Summertime
  3. Try (Just a Little Harder)
  4. Cry Baby
  5. Me and Bobby McGee
  6. Down On Me
  7. Get It While You Can
  8. Bye, Bye Baby
  9. Move Over
  10. Ball and Chain

Iconic Performances

Each track on "Greatest Hits" showcases Joplin's unparalleled vocal prowess and emotional depth. From the raw intensity of "Piece of My Heart" to the soulful rendition of "Summertime," her performances leave an indelible mark on the listener.

Cultural Impact

Joplin's influence extends far beyond her music, as she became an emblem of the counterculture movement of the 1960s. Her unapologetic persona and revolutionary spirit continue to inspire generations of artists and activists.

Enduring Legacy

Even decades after her untimely death, Joplin remains an icon of rock and roll. Her music transcends generational boundaries, resonating with audiences of all ages and backgrounds.


"Janis Joplin - Greatest Hits" is a testament to the incomparable talent of a music legend. With its powerful vocals and timeless songs, this compilation album serves as a fitting tribute to Joplin's enduring legacy in the world of music.

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