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Jethro Tull Warchild II

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WarChild II emerges as a poignant anthology, unearthing the rich session outtakes from Jethro Tull's seminal War Child era of late 1973 to early 1974. Entrusted to the keen ear of Steven Wilson, known for his astute remixes and production, these tracks have been carefully mixed and presented in a vinyl format for the first time, handpicked by Ian Anderson, the band's flautist and lead vocalist.


Key Features:

  • Steven Wilson Mixes: The renowned musical virtuoso lends his meticulous approach to mixing, ensuring a refined and immersive listening experience.

  • First-Time Vinyl Release: A debut on vinyl for these tracks, enhancing the collectible nature and audio fidelity of the session recordings.

  • Curated by Ian Anderson: The collection's flow and narrative, chosen by Anderson, provide unique insights into the band’s creative process during the War Child sessions.


  • Ian Anderson: Vocals, flute, acoustic guitar, saxophones
  • Martin Barre: Guitars
  • John Evan: Keyboards
  • Jeffrey Hammond-Hammond: Bass guitar
  • Barriemore Barlow: Drums, percussion


WarChild II presents fans with a window into the prolific period of Jethro Tull’s history, offering a parallel narrative to the original War Child album. Steven Wilson's involvement guarantees a modern polish to the archival material, ensuring that the nuances of the original recordings are both preserved and highlighted. For enthusiasts and vinyl collectors, the release is a tangible slice of the band’s evolutionary tale, providing an enriched understanding of their creative landscape during one of the band's most dynamic periods.

Product Description:

WarChild II delivers a thoughtful selection of Jethro Tull’s session works from the WarChild album phase, now in the hands of the public on vinyl, mixed with Steven Wilson’s distinguished touch. Chosen by Ian Anderson, the sequence of the album offers a narrative coherence, inviting listeners on a sonic journey through previously unheard material. The band’s classic lineup performs with the signature dynamism and musical prowess fans have come to cherish. This release is not just a celebration of Jethro Tull’s legacy but an expansion of it, bridging the gap between generations of progressive rock admirers and audiophiles eager to explore the depths of the band’s artistry in the vinyl format.

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