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Kenny Burrell Midnight Blue

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"Midnight Blue" stands tall as one of the definitive sessions by Kenny Burrell, a jazz guitarist known for his intricate improvisations and smooth style. It is especially notable within the realm of jazz guitar albums and remains an essential listen for enthusiasts of the genre.


  • Kenny Burrell: Guitar
  • Stanley Turrentine: Tenor Saxophone
  • Major Holley: Bass
  • Bill English: Drums
  • Ray Barretto: Conga

The inclusion of Stanley Turrentine, with his robust tenor sound, provides a compelling contrast to Burrell's smoother guitar lines, making the session particularly captivating. The rhythm section, anchored by Major Holley and Bill English, lays down a solid foundation, while Ray Barretto's conga playing injects the tracks with a Latin flair that was becoming increasingly popular in jazz circles of the early 1960s.

The album is decidedly blues-centric, evoking moods ranging from introspective to downright celebratory. Tracks like "Chitlins Con Carne" have gone on to become jazz standards, celebrated for their memorable melodies and room for improvisation.

  • "Chitlins Con Carne": A staple in jazz blues repertoire, this track is notable for its catchy melody and the seamless interplay between Burrell and Turrentine.

  • "Midnight Blue": The title track of the album, it encapsulates the essence of the entire record with its sultry blues feel.

  • "Saturday Night Blues": True to its name, it brings forth the imagery of a laid-back weekend evening, replete with soulful melodies.

  • "Gee Baby Ain't I Good to You": The only standard on the album, it's a testament to Burrell's versatility, demonstrating his ability to shine not only on originals but also on well-known classics.

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