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Metallica Ride The Lightning (Electric Blue Coloured Vinyl)

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Step into the electric storm with Metallica's seminal sophomore album, "Ride The Lightning", now reissued in a stunning "Electric Blue" coloured vinyl edition.

"Ride The Lightning", released in 1984, marked a matured direction for the band, blending their aggressive thrash metal sound with complex song structures and more introspective lyrical themes. With timeless tracks like "For Whom The Bell Tolls", "Fade to Black", and the electrifying title track "Ride The Lightning", the album is an essential chapter in the annals of metal history.

This "Electric Blue" vinyl edition captures the essence of the album's title, emanating the electrifying energy of Metallica's sound. The deep blue hue, reminiscent of a stormy night sky, provides a visual complement to the thunderous music contained within.

Pressed from the original master recordings, this edition ensures a sonic experience that is both visceral and crystal clear. The iconic electric chair artwork, set against a tumultuous storm background, graces the cover, immediately setting the tone for the raw and intense musical journey inside.

Beyond its aural mastery, this coloured vinyl edition is a collector's dream. The shimmering blue disc, housed in a high-quality sleeve, is a testament to Metallica's enduring impact and their ability to merge the rawness of their music with visual artistry.

Whether you're a lifelong Metallica devotee or a vinyl enthusiast looking for the next gem for your collection, the "Ride The Lightning (Electric Blue Coloured Vinyl)" edition is a masterpiece in every sense. Let the electrifying riffs, soul-searching lyrics, and dynamic drumming take you on a ride that only Metallica can offer. Embrace the lightning and let the metal flow!

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